Akshay Agrawal

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Software Engineer, Google Brain
M.S., B.S. in Computer Science, Stanford University
[email protected]

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I am a software engineer on the Google Brain team, where I work on TensorFlow, an open-source library for deep learning. My research interests include algorithms and domain-specific languages for mathematical optimization, machine learning, and distributed systems.

I graduated from Stanford University in 2017 with a Master's in theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, a B.S. in computer science, and a minor in mathematics. During my Master's career, I joined the Information Systems Laboratory and conducted research in convex optimization under the supervision of Professor Stephen Boyd. I created a rewriting system for convex optimization problems, which we implemented in version 1.0 of CVXPY, a domain-specific language for convex optimization that is used by corporations and universities alike. A paper on our design is slated to appear in Journal of Control and Decision, 2018. During my undergraduate career, I collaborated with Andreas Paepcke to compile a tagged dataset of online educational discussion forum posts; we published our dataset and a machine learning intervention pipeline in the 2015 International Conference on Educational Data Mining. During both careers, I was fortunate to have Professor Mehran Sahami as a mentor.

If computer science is my first passion, then writing is my second: I served as a writer, news desk editor, and investigative news editor for The Stanford Daily, and I maintain a blog at debugmind.com.


Technical Reports


I spent six quarters as a teaching assistant for the following Stanford courses:


I work on TensorFlow on the Google Brain team. I honed my technical infrastructure skills over the course of four summer internships at Google, where I: